Service and Support you can Trust

TCR Online provides the technology you need to compete in today’s environment. As the industry evolves, we constantly adapt our program by adding new features and solutions. Our program was designed to help barricade rental companies maximize their productivity with an easy to use yet comprehensive system that increases efficiency while developing better customer relationships.

Finding the best software for your company can be a difficult task. With TCR Online you have the peace of mind that you are going with a tried and true system that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Our software monitors all aspects of a company’s daily routine and provides numerous reports, including a list of equipment on site, drivers schedule, open jobs, tracking of arrow/message boards, just to name a few. It generates easy to read delivery and pickup tickets, special instruction forms for your drivers, detailed invoices and much more.

Key Features of TCR Online

  • Standard screen layouts provide quick views showing all activity on any given job.
  • The Labor Tracking Module keeps track of employee hours, both on the job and off the job, thus cutting down on non billable hours.
  • Interactive driver’s scheduling tool makes quick work of a tedious task.
  • Certified Payroll Reports are available to track employees time on Certified jobs.
  • TCR is designed to bill multiple sales tax rates for even the most complex areas.
  • Detailed, easy to read invoices help customers understand their bills.
  • Includes a variety of export formats for your invoices to allow you to interface TCR with your accounting software.
  • Management can keep track of ongoing jobs with multiple reports options.
  • Generates tickets faster by using preset equipment Kits.
  • The Quote module allows you to track open quotes and easily convert accepted quotes to new jobs.
  • With the TCR Mobile App drivers can complete tickets electronically in the field, doing away with paper tickets.
  • Clean, easy to read screens makes navigation through TCR a snap.
  • With our Customer Portal module “your” customers can log into TCR and find out information about their jobs, reprint invoices, and even add a new job.