Our Story

Built by Industry Professionals

TCR Online was designed to help barricade rental companies maximize their profits and productivity with an easy to use yet comprehensive system that increases efficiency while developing better customer relationships.

In the beginning, as the owner of a barricade company, we knew that there must be a better way to manage our daily scheduling without hand written tally sheets or using Excel spreadsheets. Not being able to track our large equipment and the uncertainty that all equipment delivered was invoiced were key issues.

In the mid 1990’s computers were finally becoming a necessity in any business, but finding a program that would provide all the features we needed was a challenge. Developing a proprietary system from scratch was the only answer at the time. It was a complicated venture with all of its industry specific details, and to make the system work it required a combined effort of many people. With a successful system in place, it was decided to market the program and help other companies optimize their efficiencies and profits.

The first TCR Software program was implemented in 1995 and is now being used by an ever growing number of major barricade companies across the country. Even though barricade companies all do about the same thing, each company has had its own requirements and ideas which we have successfully addressed. We at TCR Software have designed a program that can grow with you and fit into all aspects of your needs and your customers’ needs.

Team of Experts

TCR Software is a company that specializes in providing software for the traffic control equipment rental industry. We have devoted more than 18 years into developing this software and have an extensive background in software design and equipment rental industry. Finding the best software for your company can be a difficult task. With TCR Software you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will be using a tried and true system that will meet your needs now and in the future.

TCR Software was originally designed and used by someone who owned a barricade rental business and knew all of the challenges associated with the industry. Along with the original software developer, they teamed up to create what is now TCR Online. With this diversity, our software support enables you to utilize expertise from both sides technical as well as day to day operations.