2007 News

October 2007

Certified Payroll: Many of our customers do Certified Payroll for their State jobs. TCR Software now has the ability to keep track of your Certified Payroll through various reports that subtotal the employee hours by Regular and Certified time (including separate totals for OT/DT). These new reports can be printed by employee or by job. You also have the ability to track special certified job information such as rate code, job code, work class, base rate and fringes. These reports give you enough information to easily input your data into your payroll program. This is an additional feature to our Labor Tracking Module.
Flasher Barricade Association: TCR Software is proud to be a part of Flasher Barricade Association in California. We will be once again attending their November 1-3, 2007 meeting in Santa Ana, California. Please visit their website for more details. (www.flasherbarricade.com). At every November’s meeting they have a golf tournament and a Vendor Night which is always a lot of fun as well as informative. If you live in California or a western state, come and join us.

August 2007

Sandy and I have been really busy with our new Quote Module. We have already installed it with several customers since we introduced it late last month and everyone just loves it. Come on board and see what the excitement is all about! ! ! Don’t forget to call Barbara for a demo of our new Quote Module or a complete demo of our great TCR Software Program.

July 2007

Sandy and I are pleased to announce our newest “Baby” has arrived. Our Quote Module is now ready and it is really exciting for us. We know having this module will be a definite asset to our program so you can not only track your jobs, but your quotes as well. Please call Barbara to arrange an online demo on this new module for our TCR Software Program.
QuickBooks Link: Also new to our program is our link to Quick Books. After printing and posting your invoices in TCR Software, you have an option to export your invoices (header information – invoice #, date, customer, invoice total as well as breakdown by revenue accounts) to an IIF file. The file is then imported into QuickBooks where you will track your receivables.

April 2007

Sandy and I are pleased to announce that very soon we will be adding a new module that will greatly enhance our TCR Software Program. We have been asked by many to have a Quoting Module where you can put your quote together using your existing line items. When the job is approved you will have all of the information you need about what was quoted, what is needed for the job and when it will start. Sandy has been working very hard on this new module and we are excited to share it with all of our customers.

January 2007

TCR Software is a member of ATSSA and will be attending the national show January 26-30, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas. Our booth number is 709 so for all those companies attending, please stop by our booth so we can meet you. We will show you a short demo of our great barricade software program. I have spoken to so many people who plan to stop by and it will be great putting a face to a voice on the phone. San Antonio is such a great city to visit with lots of historical places to visit, great restaurants, and of course shopping. See you there !!!